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System Maintenance

It's a fact that all mechanical systems will eventually breakdown. It is also a fact that quality periodic maintenance that adheres to ASHRAE and DOE standards can and will reduce the frequency of problems, as well as, reduce the cost of energy and avoidance of unnecessary or catastrophic repairs to your firm.

When the coils of an HVAC system are dirty and plugged, they have to work harder, requiring more electricity as well as exposing you to unnecessary catastrophic repair. That means greater operating costs for your equipment. In fact, ASHRAE studies illustrate that the energy consumption of equipment operating with dirty coils can be as high as 35% more than when they are clean. Plus if the heat transfer surfaces are dirty the system can't be tuned resulting in another 15% more energy. This means if the average utility bills in the building are $5,000 per month, your building could be saving up to 50% in wasted energy consumption or $30,000 per year.

CJH Mechanical Inc. offers its commercial clients Mechanical Safe-Guard Planned Maintenance Program for their HVAC systems and components. Whether you need regular manufacturer's service, or 24/7 coverage with either complete component replacement labor and or replacements parts, CJH Mechanical Inc. has a plan to fit your needs.

Our Mechanical Safe-Guard Planned Maintenance Program includes the following benefits:

  • Avoid expensive downtime
  • Maintain proper comfort and indoor air quality
  • We automatically dispatch recommended equipment maintenance tasking
  • Save Energy - up to 37%
  • Extend the equipment asset value
  • Provide priority service
  • Keep equipment up-to-date with environmental regulations
  • We assures less downtime and employee/tenant complaints
  • Obtain the lowest possible costs avoidance
  • Eliminate business and technical risks
  • Get the peace of mind you need now

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