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Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Design-Build Projects CJH Mechanical Inc. has met some of the area's most complex system demands in wide-ranging facilities, keeping people comfortable, business moving, tenants happy, and equipment operating efficient and safe. We design and build the right HVAC systems to meet our unique customer comfort, health, safety, business and financial requirements.

We understand that our client's design-build goals are to:

  • Achieve reduced project implementation time
  • Obtain the lowest possible costs
  • Eliminate all project business and technical risks
  • Adhere to their unique business, technical, and timing requirements

Our Guardian Design-Build Program:

  • Reduces project implementation time by concurrently designing, building, and delivering comprehensive, integrated mechanical and business solutions.
  • Obtains the lowest possible costs by selecting the most appropriate project implementation process that guarantees our clients the lowest possible project costs.
  • Eliminates all project business and technical risks by setting the performance standards in the area for:
    • Drug testing = 4 out of 10 chance of tradesman arriving stoned.
    • Back ground checks = 9 out of 10 chance of tradesman arriving unknown.
    • Safety training = 9 out of 10 chance of tradesman arriving untrained.
    • Written SOP's = 9 out 10 chance of vendor will not or can not perform.
    • Uninsured = 4 out of 10 chance of vendor is under insured.
    • Risk protection = 9 out of 10 chance vendor does not use a regulatory compliance or endorsed process to find solution.
    • Adheres to your unique business, technical, and timing requirements by employing the most accurate approach and methodology that ensure you achieve your short and long term financial and business goals and objectives.

    Our primary focus is on cost control and begins with good project management and continues with project implementation that runs smoothly. The CJH Mechanical Inc. design-build team coordinates with customers, architects and general contractors to assess current needs and to anticipate any future work changes. We value-engineer reliable systems to meet performance requirements, fit project budgets and minimize energy and maintenance costs.

    Our Guardian design-build approach:
    1. Surveying/Data Gathering
    2. Equipment/System Selection
    3. Design Specification Development
    4. Program Pricing Development
    5. Project Funding
    6. Project Team & Resource Identification
    7. Project Implementation
    8. Test & Verification
    9. Warranty and Training

    The bottom line is that our Guardian design-build project approach can save you time and money. Early in the design process and to avoid cost overruns we established a budget. This avoids the need to re-engineer after the project a priced. Project construction can move ahead often while the final design details are still being made. Interested in a design-build approach to your HVAC project estimate? Request a Quote.